Roll up, roll up, I finished my first ever dress!

IMG_6960 [50%].JPG

Can you believe it I finished my first ever dress and I love it!

IMG_6959 [50%].JPG

IMG_6955 [50%].JPG

IMG_6956 [50%].JPG

IMG_6953 [50%].JPG

IMG_6951 [50%].JPG

The dress is the Upton Dress by Cashmerette and this lovely fabric I bought in one of my favourite craft shops over here, which is sadly not open anymore, you’ll find a lot of my fabric was from there, I was so in love!

Plus it has pockets and every dress needs pockets.

These ones were decent enough to handle not only all the stuff I normally have in my pockets while doing site visits (phone and access card) but they also managed to take my lipstick, a big bottle of hand sterilizer and a camera. Completely and utterly sold!

IMG_6962 [50%].JPG

Overall I was super surprised at how quickly this dress took to make, it was a day cutting and then a day sewing.

IMG_6964 [50%].JPG

IMG_6965 [50%].JPG

IMG_6966 [50%].JPG

As you can see I did nothing special when I sewed it all all, if I start making a lot of my clothing then I will get a serger till then I’m really happy with how it is.

I turned the bottom hem up and sewed over it to give a double edge, hopefully that means that it won’t unravel. I also did the same on the inside lining as I had no clue on what I was supposed to do at all and well you cannot tell from the outside at all.

IMG_6967 [50%].JPG

You also cannot see any raw edges from the outside and I just love it, especially my little top stitching here where I sewed the inside lining to the outside lining.

Looking forward to making my next one and starting to get my wardrobe all together!

Then hopefully once I lose some (ok a lot) of weight I can start sewing my vintage patterns, oh how that thought excites me so much!!

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