Me Made May 2020

Oh my, less than two weeks till Me Made May is back for 2020 and I wish you could see how excited I am.

Sadly I don’t have my dream wardrobe up and running so I cannot partake in everyday but I am pledging the following,

‘I, Nessy aka @vintageteainmywardrobe, pledge to wear handmade garments once a week in unique combinations as much as possible and to create one new item for my wardrobe throughout May 2020′.

Now I don’t know what the one item I’m going to create is yet but I have a while to figure it out!

Have you decided to join Sozowhatdoyouknow and myself and others in these uncertain time’s and do Me Made May?

For me I see my handmade wardrobe morphing into my only wardrobe and it means attempting Me Made May whilst not fully hopefully I’ll understand what I wear when and see how I can morph my wardrobe into my dream wardrobe.

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