My Make Nine 2020 Selection

The Make Nine movement has been around for a long time and its been in the last few years that I’ve been following different people online to see how they progress with their goals.

It’s definitely no secret that I am slightly obsessed with wanting to have my own handmade wardrobe, I feel that the whole Make Nine movement is hand in hand with Me Made May which I’ve always wanted to participate in, I’ve just never had the umph to make myself actually make my own handmade wardrobe. I’ve always been either afraid to cut into precious fabric (on the off chance I lose weight and can no longer fit into my me made clothes) or I just never have the money to put down on the kitted jumpers/cardi’s that I’d love to wear.

Well this year I’m not procrastinating, I’m actually going to a) cut into that precious fabric and b) save to put a down payment on some lovely yarns which I REALLY want.

I’m also hoping that participating in Make Nine will give me the courage to actually start building my own handmade wardrobe one stitch at a time.

So onto my Make Nine from left to right and around.

Sipila by Boyland Knitworks
Now I’ve been thinking about this one for a while I bought some lovely yarn for this, first a lovely speckled grey from Eden Cottage Yarns and an amazing contrast colour from Olann in her Pear colourway (which I could see myself buying a lot more of). I’m hoping to make this more 1950’s than it is so fitted instead of boxy. I have no idea how to do this, so this will probably be something that will take me all year to do lol.

Zinnia Skirt by Colette Patterns
Now this skirt comes in two versions it’s the buttons and pockets one I want to make. Ideally I’d love to make a work suitable one so however much I want to use some of my “specialist” fabric’s I’m going to have to withhold, this means that I’ll probably make it either out of tartan or corduroy. No idea on colours it will be, probably whatever I’m feeling at the time though likely to be an autumn colour. 

Rizzo by Poison Grrls
Poison Grrls have since the beginning been using Beehive Yarns as their yarn supplier and I’ve bought my fair share from Beehive Yarns. One such colourway which still speaks to me is the White Way of Delight. It was a lovely white with silver and green running through it. It reminded me of snow with grass popping though. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a custom order of that colourway and make this top. I always run hot during winter so having this over a long sleeved/3 quarter sleeved dress would be amazing.

Angel Face Turban by Poison Grrls
So I actually would love to make more than one of these but for now I’m just setting my sights on one and I’m hoping to use the wool I bought when we were in Poland. It’s a lovely brown speckled colour. I also got a burnt orange at the same time, so could see myself maybe making another one in that colour if all goes well.

Jumbo Gnome by Mochimochi World
Your probably wondering why this is here because it’s not a wardrobe item, well I want to make it for my sister next year as she loves gnomes and well I thought this would be one way to make sure I actually get it done!

Amelie Dress by Untitled Thoughts
Have you seen this dress? Oh my it’s dreamy as hell and I NEED it in my life. I’ve never made a dress ever but I’m certain I can master it and I have lot’s of fabric I could use. I’ve got some Tula Pink Octopus’s if I want to make it work suitable or I could make it in my precious Star Trek fabric for a weekend dress. I also have a few other fabric’s which would be amazing. I think I even have a classy Christmas fabric, it’s red with silver stars (I think, I’ve not been in my craft room for over a year but that’s a post for another day), which make an amazing dress.

Unabridged by Alicia Plums
I really think I need a decent tank in my wardrobe whether that’s to wear over a dress or shirt or top, I really think I could get a lot of use from one. I have no idea on what colour or even what yarn I’d be using. It really does depend on what I have in my wardrobe at the time of knitting.

Upton Dress by Cashmerette
This was the first dress pattern I bought because a) it was actually in my size and b) because it looked like a lovely dress and it still does. I still want to make this dress and as above I have a few fabrics that I could use to make it in.

Beauty School by Poison Grrls
I’ve seen so many amazing versions of this that I’m tempted to make my own version, maybe a Christmas or Halloween version we shall see. I’ve bought some graph paper to have a play so we shall see how it goes. I also want to make a plain version. 

With all the above I’m also wanting to make a lot more socks and get back into my spinning. Spoiler alert I’ve already spun one bump up and have started another so there is a likelihood that some of the above could be made with my own handspun.

If I could just get to the point where I’m wearing one me made item 3 days out of the week in May for Me Made May I’ll be happy. I’d love for something everyday but I doubt I’ll have time to do that much lol.